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Friday, July 30, 2010

A New Home

Well, we have been in our new house in Basalt, Colorado for a week and two days! It is a very different space than what we were living in in New York. The most exciting things for me have been:

1. having a washer/dryer - we can actually do laundry while doing other things - it's just right there!
2. EXTRA closet space - like for all our suits that we're never going to wear here.
3. direct sunlight! - in our NY apartment, we got about an hour of direct sunlight, but only in the summer from about 6-7pm, and it was only in one corner of our living room - we cherished it!
4. a deck - oh to sit and eat and drink outside... there's nothing like it.
5. two sinks! - Not that I don't love David, but we don't have to share EVERYTHING.

Well, those are the top five. There are many more wonderful things about our new house. I think it will take some time for it to feel like home. We haven't yet hung all the pictures, or found places for all the little things, but it's coming along.

Here are some pictures of the move:

Boxes galore!

We have a lot of books. A lot of Jewish books.

Our living room on its way to being cozy!

And before I go, I also have to share our last Havdalah experience. We were up at the house of Bob and Judy Layton in Missouri Heights, and we just could not get over the views up there. Along with about 20 others, we stood outside and sang a niggun (a wordless melody) - we had some great voices! - and shared a havdalah ceremony. We shared our hopes for the coming week: some were traveling to visit family, some were receiving visitors, some were preparing to move to the Roaring Fork Valley permanently. We sang the blessings, watched the candle glow, and just marveled at the majesty of the moment...

And now, another shabbat begins. Shabbat shalom!

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