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Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Mission Statement

approved 10-16-2013 by the board 
after community input

The Aspen Jewish Congregation

Our Mission 

We are an open and inclusive community committed to building relationships and enriching lives in Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. We bring Jewish tradition and learning to life in harmony with the natural beauty of our valley.

Our Core Values
These are the values that inspire us as we pursue our mission.

  1. Kesher Kadosh – קשר קדוש Sacred Connection
    Channeling the “small-town” feel of the Valley into our spiritual life. Making participation inviting and accessible to all. Cultivating a sense of belonging, where it’s safe to be ourselves and share our stories.
  2. Yir’at Kavod – יראת כבוד – Reverence
    Expanding our capacity for awe and humility. Cherishing our mountain surroundings. Reflecting deeply on God. Enriching life’s passages through Jewish ritual and music.
  3. Chochmah – חכמה – Wisdom
    Teaching Judaism for all ages to help guide our lives. Nurturing our children’s Jewish identity and leadership. Engaging with the valley’s wealth of intellectual and cultural offerings.

  4. Chesed – חסדCaring
    Being present for those who are suffering, ill, or in need. Providing the “family” support that many don’t have nearby.

  5. Tzedek u’Mishpat – צדק ומשפטRighteousness & Justice
    Fostering a commitment to the mitzvot of Tzedakah (obligation of giving) and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). Organizing and volunteering to make change for the good of our communities.

  6. K’lal Yisrael – כלל ישראלThe Whole Jewish People
    Connecting to the Jewish People around the world. Building relationships between our valley and Israel.

  7. Or La-Goyim – אור לגויים A Light to the Nations
    Living our Jewish Values publicly within our communities for the benefit of all. Promoting interfaith understanding and cooperation.

  8. Tikvah – תקווהHope
    Instilling an ancient faith that our lives matter. Honoring our past by leaving a legacy for future generations in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.

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